Comic 11 - Stave 9
16th Dec 2018, 10:17 PM
Stave 9
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Author Notes:
Leafa edit delete
The kickstarter for this comic!

One fun question I had to consider for this story is how much Scrooge might have told Tim about his experiences. I think he told the story in general terms and that Tim believed it, if not immediately then when he started to experience ghostly goings-on himself.

I'm not sure that Scrooge would have related his vision of a world without Tiny Tim, though. After all, that future never came to pass.
User comments:
ProfEtheric edit delete reply
And there it is. The turning point.

Mayhap it is best not to accept "help" from spirits too freely. After all, old Uncle Ebeneezer needed three to convince him...
Leafa edit delete reply
Indeed, and they were a lot more benevolent...