Comic 4 - Stave 2
2nd Dec 2018, 6:43 PM
Stave 2
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Author Notes:
Leafa edit delete
I thought that Tim might become a clerk, like his father - hand writing invoices, letters and ledgers quickly and accurately.

Being a clerk wasn't necessarily the best paid job, but since it was clerical rather than physical, it was a route into the middle classes. With the support of his family and of course his "Uncle" Scrooge, I think that Tim has been able to secure a good education and a job that will leave ultimately him comfortably off, if he sticks with it...

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User comments:
lirvilas edit delete reply
Glad to hear that safety violations are taken seriously here... those early steam age machines were dangerous enough without being left alone.

(This already looks like a great series!)
Leafa edit delete reply
True, I ended up reading way more than I ever wanted to about factory accidents and some of the horrific injuries they inflicted on people.

(My original plan had been for Tim to witness one, but I didn't quite have the heart... )